Complex and structured offers of highest quality - quickly and easily by means of drag & drop

No matter if your offers consist of hundreds of items or text modules with external documents - with AKIOMA you create complex offers of highest quality within a fraction of the time needed before. As the software runs fully integrated into your existing system landscape (ERP, CRM, DMS, Office, etc.), AKIOMA acts as intelligent communication central and synchronizes products, customers, due dates, documents and even the content of your website in real time.

  • Quick: Products and services are organized in a tree structure. Via
    drag & drop you can pull entire tree hierarchies directly into the offer.
  • Highest quality: By means of free definable Word templates you can create consistent offers of highest quality with images, formatted text and external documents.

  • International: With AKIOMA you
    create foreign-language offers with a click of a button and your translation workflow is optimized by the intelligent translation manager.

  • Successful: With AKIOMA you will significantly enhance your efficiency. So you are able to bid more and finally win more complex offers.

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Offer Creation

Create complex offers quickly and transparently

With AKIOMA, you can generate offers in a quality and completeness that you would not achieve with any
other ERP system.

Product Management

Define it spot on once – correct usage at all times.

With AKIOMA, you guarantee an optimal overview and maximum reliability for your product

Contact Management

There is a lot of potential hidden in your contact data – use it!

With AKIOMA, your contacts are always correctly assigned, even in the most complex organisational structures.

News & Press

AKIOMA wins the Editors Choice Award at this year´s „Best in Cloud“ contest

The highly efficient AKIOMA Offer Management wins the Editors Choice Award at this year´s „Best in Cloud“ contest in Munich. Lucas-Nülle, a major supplier of individual equipment for Education, Engineering and Vocational Traing globally uses the AKIOMA Cloud platform for offer creation and product management.

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Our References

Our customers are mainly from the manufacturing sector. In this sector, we have already successfully carried out numerous projects based on our own software products.

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